MSc, Social Psychology
University of Western Ontario
BSc, Psychology
University of Toronto

I am a PhD student in the Social Psychology and Migration and Ethnic Relations programs at the University of Western Ontario. Presently, I am working under the supervision of Dr. Victoria Esses, researching attitudes towards immigrants and immigration, diversity, and experiences of discrimination. My graduate studies are currently supported by a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, and has previously received funding through a SSHRC CGS-M.

Outside of my graduate research, I have also been active in working with community organizations. I worked with the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership in 2016 and 2018 to develop a Community Capacity Report to inform their 3-year strategic planning. I also developed a workshop in conjunction with community stakeholders from Pillar Non-Profit, Networking for an Inclusive Community, and the London Public Library to address misconceptions about Canada’s Refugee program.

Prior to graduate school, I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Toronto. At this time, I was involved in research examining how people perceive racially ambiguous faces (w/ Dr. Nicholas Rule), how images of successful minorities affected people’s perceptions and willingness to make discrimination claims (w/ Dr. Alison Chasteen), and people’s attitudes towards whistleblowers (w/ Dr. Penelope Lockwood).